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What’s LanGeek all about!?

It has been about 4 months since we started working on our new startup called LanGeek. Here I want to share the vision we have for this product and how we are trying to change this market.

What’s LanGeek all about?

In short, LanGeek uses technologies like machine learning and NLP to help language learners. What we do is to collect data on users’ learning patterns and use that data to give users more relative educational content, we also use this data to get a bigger picture of how the learning process works for all users.

To make it more clear I explain it through an example:

When you start learning a language you usually start by learning a few words and expressions. As you progress you want the platform to keep in mind what you have already learned and give you pieces of content that are new and simple. What simple means, is a piece of content that contains only a small part of new content and rest of it just repeated data from previous lessons. In our experience designing this platform as one piece is impossible, because users have different knowledge on language and learn with different paces. What works best is an AI based system that gives content to users on demand and dynamically.

In the meantime our AI engine is also collecting your data to see which parts are more difficult for you. We can process this data collectively to see in general what parts of the learning process are more difficult for users and act on that, for example we can recognize all the words in English that are hard to spell and help users learn them better. This data can also be clustered, for example we can recognize the English words that are difficult to spell for French speakers.

How did we come up with this idea?

We have been working on languages for the past four years and we get a great deal of feedback from B-amooz users. What we realized while analyzing this feedback was the fact that they all lead to one big need. A fully customizable language learning platform, but we knew that customizable platforms are not user-friendly. In reality it will take too much time from our users to customize everything in the platform according to their needs. The real solution is for the platform to customize it automatically. What users see is a platform that always provides the right content.

What is Dynamic Content?

There are different types of dynamic content and dynamic content platforms but the most famous one that you probably know is ‘YouTube‘. Every time you visit YouTube’s first page it will automatically bring you the videos that may be interesting for you. This list is dynamic, it means that it is made uniquely for each and every user.

How will this help?

If you have language learning experience you probably know that most of your time learning, is wasted by reading or listening to the content that has no learning value. Either because it does not include anything you do not know or because it overwhelms you with new words and grammar. This will result in a decrease in the learning process efficiency. If you always have access to ideal language learning content you can increase the efficiency and learn both easier and faster.

Ali Shahdoost

With 8 years of experience in digital marketing and content marketing and a few founded companies, I write here of my interests and thoughts.

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