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In the dynamic realm of language acquisition, proficiency in idioms, proverbs, collocations, and phrasal verbs is pivotal for effective communication. At LanGeek, we undertook an ambitious mission to redefine and categorize these linguistic subtleties, aiming to furnish learners with a comprehensive educational tool. Let’s delve into the intricacies of our process, examining the meticulous steps taken to breathe life into our “Idioms and Expressions” section.

Concept Redefinition

The initial challenge in our journey was to define idioms, proverbs, collocations, and phrasal verbs with clarity and precision. These distinctions, though subtle, demanded concise definitions. After thorough research and consultations, we crafted precise definitions for each:

  • Idiom: Multi-word phrases with figurative meanings, where words deviate from their literal interpretations.
  • Proverb: Figurative phrases or sentences conveying wisdom or truth in a preach or advice-like manner.
  • Collocation: Phrases or sentences where specific words combine to convey a meaning not attainable when read separately, devoid of the figurative elements found in idioms.
  • Phrasal Verb: Combinations of verbs and particles (adverbs or prepositions) altering the original verb’s meaning.

Our pursuit of clarity extended beyond definitions, as we established definitive boundaries for each category through rigorous team discussions.

English Idioms and Proverbs

For English idioms, our team compiled an exhaustive list exceeding 2500 phrases from diverse sources. Subsequent months were dedicated to categorizing them into 23 distinct categories, emphasizing clarity and accessibility. Each idiom received a clear definition, image, examples, and, when applicable, detailed historical context and usage nuances. The tagging system further provides insights into the formality, informality, or humor associated with each idiom.

English proverbs underwent a similar treatment, with a heightened focus on historical details. Our team delved deep into the roots of each proverb, creating a repository that imparts linguistic knowledge along with cultural insights.

English Collocations

The exploration of collocations led us to identify over a thousand essential combinations for language learners. We focused on phrases with specific, non-negotiable word pairings, exemplified by expressions like “take a nap.” Additionally, we compiled lists of compound adverbs and prepositions commonly used in the English language, such as “in the meantime,” enriching the learner’s linguistic toolkit.

English Phrasal Verbs

Navigating the ambiguity surrounding phrasal verbs, we meticulously curated a list of around 2000 examples. The challenge lay in discerning precise combinations of verbs and particles. Multiple sources were consulted, and examples were scrutinized to ensure accuracy. The result is a comprehensive collection that aids learners in mastering this complex aspect of the English language.

It is now published

The culmination of our team’s exhaustive efforts in crafting LanGeek’s “Idioms and Expressions” section is an endeavor we are thrilled to share with our users. However, at this juncture, the fruits of our labor are still in the final stages of refinement before being made available to you. We recognize the anticipation and eagerness to explore the comprehensive collection of idioms, proverbs, collocations, and soon, phrasal verbs. Rest assured, your invaluable feedback is crucial in shaping this linguistic resource into an even more refined and user-friendly platform. We eagerly anticipate your insights and suggestions as we work tirelessly to bring you a learning experience that transcends expectations. Stay tuned for the imminent launch, and we look forward to embarking on this language-learning journey together.


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