The pleasure of doing nothing

I was brought up in a type of family in which working is highly praised. When I think about it, it is not working that is praised but the act of doing something. My biggest fear was always not to achieve enough, waste my time, do nothing for even a minute. I am 34 years old now and I can hardly remember a time in which I was sitting somewhere doing nothing; and by doing nothing I don’t mean playing with my phone, watching a movie, or even waiting for something, I mean nothing.

In modern design, the concept of empty space is more appreciated. We understand now that empty space is not just empty, it can add a value of some sort and I think we underestimate and underestimate the power of doing nothing.

To me personally, even the idea of doing nothing is annoying. I am not sure if it’s a personality trait or just the way I am used to living. I automatically fill my time with everything at hand, I even prefer doing chores to doing nothing.

My ancestors were farmers and a great deal of being a farmer is just doing nothing. When you live in a village there are parts of the day or even months of the year that you don’t have much to do. You sit under a tree and just do nothing. We call their life simpler, but I have the experience of living in a village for a short time, it is everything but simple. I don’t think it is simple. I think it has more empty spaces and looks cleaner.

And I think I miss that in my life, I miss empty spaces. Yes, my life has a UI design issue, It is jammed with things. Maybe I just can’t help it; I just realized that I wrote this post because I was bored with YouTube and had nothing to do.

* Photo by davide ragusa on Unsplash

Ali Shahdoost

With 8 years of experience in digital marketing and content marketing and a few founded companies, I write here of my interests and thoughts.

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